Talks & Workshops

The Face Blind UK has speakers, all of whom have first-hand experience of living with face blindness, who are ready to give talks and run workshops for groups around the country.

Why book a talk or workshop on face blindness

With one in fifty people affected by face blindness, whether you are involved in business, HR, caring for the elderly or teaching in a school, it is likely that some of your employees, clients, children or teachers will be struggling with face blindness, unbeknownst to you …. and often without realising the cause of their difficulties themselves.

Face blindness can be a key factor in causing stress, communication breakdowns, and even present health and safety issues, yet is often unrecognised and problems ignored.

What we can offer

Over the last seven years 100 presentations have been made by members of Face Blind UK, to audiences ranging from SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinators) to U3A Science Seminars.

The talks and workshops can –

  • Raise awareness and help you recognise the signs of prosopagnosia
  • Provide insight into the range of challenges for face blind people
  • Suggest a range of coping strategies and support that can be offered
  • Provide an intriguing insight into the way in which the human mind works …. and what happens when it doesn’t.

Whether you’d like a half day workshop for your staff, or a presentation for your local social club, we’re keen to work with you to help us spread the word and increase awareness.

A unique perspective on living in the world differently

It’s the knowledge and personal understanding of the condition that enables Face Blind UK speakers to engage with audiences and give them an insight into the daily challenges that people with prosopagnosia face.

Members of FBUK have been giving talks on the condition since 2007, reaching nearly 5,000 people. Initially the focus was on schools, while this year audiences have included a Rehabilitation Centre in Wales, the Birkbeck Face Blind Symposium and a House of Commons Round Table event.

We are happy to give talks and provide background materials on the condition, lead discussions and answer questions, and share our own stories – sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing and usually confusing.

How to book

Please complete the Talks request form to arrange a talk, or Contact Face Blind UK to discuss your particular needs. The form can be downloaded and emailed or posted to Face Blind UK.

We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you to take awareness and understanding of face blindness to an ever wider audience.