Are you Face Blind?

Try the Quiz below and find out if it is a strong possibility.  Just answer yes or no. Score one point for every Yes and 0 points for every No.

So you think you might be face blind …Picture1

7 or more
          There is a strong possibility you are face blind

4 – 6                     Maybe

0 – 3                     Unlikely


Q1: Do you recognise people by looking out for certain items of clothing, hairstyles, or jewellery?

Q2: Do you generally avoid using names when talking to people?

Q3: Do people sometimes know you even though you don’t know them?

Q4: Do you recognise people by listening to their voice or watching how they move?

Q5: Do you have problems following characters when watching films?

Q6: When eating out do you struggle to remember who your waiter or waitress is?

Q7: Have you had problems identifying family and close friends when you have met them out of context or unexpectedly?

Q8: Have you ever not recognised yourself on CCTV or in a photograph?

Q9: Do you have problems trying to get a picture of someone’s face in your mind?

Q10: Do you worry about arranging to meet people in public places and then not recognising them?

AnsweringRemember if you think you are face blind, don’t worry you are not alone! It is estimated that approximately 2-3% of the population are face blind.


There are a number of routes to getting a more formal assesment, including online tests and participation in research projects,