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Books on Face Blindness

There is a small but growing body of literature about Face Blindness and it’s impact.

Biographies and Personal Experiences

Individual accounts, exploration and collections of first-hand experience of face blindness, written by people who are face blind themselves:


Face Blind!
(1997-2009)  Bill Choisser
The first book on face blindness, written by the first lay person to be identified with the condition (only available online)

What It’s Like to be Face Blind
(2012)  Edited by Jo Livingston
Stories from around the world, told by a few of the millions who are face blind

You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know
(2010) Heather Sellars
A true story of family, face blindness and forgiveness

The Faces of Prospagnosia without the Science
(2013)  B. Gilzene
A collection of anecdotes illustrating the experiences of people with face blindness

BrainStorming: Functional Lessons from a Dysfunctional Brain
(2014) Tara Fall
Neurology patient surviving epilepsy, faceblindness and stroke 


Fiction where the main character has face blindness

Mapping Charlie
(2010) Jane Meyerding
A murder mystery with a main character who is face blind and has Asperger’s syndrome
Sequel (2012)  Forest for the Trees


Explaining and exploring face blindness

Prosopagnosia, Face Blindness Explained
(2013)  Lyndsay Leatherdale
Prosopagnosia types, tests, symptoms, causes, treatment and research

Understanding Facial Recognition Difficulties in Children
(2011)  Nancy Mindick
Prosopagnosia management strategies for parents and professionals

Face Recognition & its disorders
(2013)  Sarah Bate
Cognitive, developmental and clinical exploration for practitioners, students and academics

The Mind’s Eye
(2010)  Oliver Sacks
Psychological adjustment of individuals whose visual perception of the world is impaired – including one chapter related to the capacity to recognise faces


A series of leaflets designed as a general introduction to Face Blindness and an overview of the implications and the type of support that can be provided by in different settings (e.g. Schools, Workplace, Health Services), are currently being produced. The first of these is now available to download and print as a two sided leaflet.

Workplace leaflet image 2Face Blind UK Leaflet (2014):

Face Blindness in the Workplace
(pdf – formatted to read on screen)

Face Blindness in the Workplace
(pdf – formatted to print as double-sided booklet)

Research Papers

A number of academic papers, looking at specific aspects of developmental prosopagnosia (face blindness) have been published by specialist research units in universities in the UK and abroad.  Their publications can be viewed via their websites.

Psychological Studies and Articles

Psychological consequences of developmental prosopagnosia
(2008)  Yardley et al
Research paper: The first systematic in-depth description of the consequences of developmental prosopagnosia for psychosocial functioning and occupational disability

When everyone’s a stranger
(2014)  Monica Zenonos
Article: Exploring the specific needs of face blind clients within the context of psychotherapy and counselling work  – First published in Private Practice, Summer 2014 issue, published by BACP ©

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